Common Word Confusion Part 3/4

It’s time for a few more editing quick tips for fiction writers. Here are five pairs of words that authors tend to confuse.

This one is a simple case of noun vs. verb, as follows:
He asked his mother for advice. (noun)
His mother advised him to forget about it. (verb)

Enquiry is when you ask about something/request information
Inquiry is a formal investigation.
He made an enquiry regarding the book he had ordered.
The inquiry into the missing funds continued for several weeks.

Awhile/A while
Awhile is an adverb whereas a while is a noun. Here are some examples:
It has been a while since he last read a book.
Go read awhile
NB: If you have a 'for' in there, it will be a while e.g. Go read for a while.

For this one, just think two 'e's for oranges.
Peel is the rind/skin of a fruit.
Peal is the sound of laughter or bells.

For this one, just think two 'e's for two eyes!
Peek is when you look at something.
Peak is the top of a mountain or the utmost limits of something.