Guest Blog: Author Editing Interview with A. Nybo

Today I welcome author A. Nybo to the blog to talking about the editing process.

1)  Tell us a bit about you and your writing 
I write M/M Romance. A few years ago I came across the genre purely by accident. I previously had no idea it existed. My second novel The Shaman of Kupa Piti is due to be released around July 30 2019 with Dreamspinner Press.

2) What do you enjoy most about the editing process?
Learning new things that are meaningful to me.

3) What do you find hardest about the editing process?
Trying to piece it back together once I’ve cut it up (I tend to be ruthless). Then comes the reading, re-reading, and re-re-reading of the same thing, trying to make sure it makes sense now that I’ve destroyed it.

4) What are your general thoughts on editing as part of the overall publishing process?

I hate the initial editing, before I actually send it off. That’s the hard bit. But once I send it to an editor, I enjoy the process because hopefully by that time it’s really small stuff that needs to be fixed.  Once other people’s eyes are on it, I like how sentences can become so much sharper and the story clearer.

5) What are your top editing-related tips for authors?
Don’t be precious about retaining a title, a sentence, a paragraph or even a chapter.
Find a balance between a thickened hide and a sensitive skin.

About the Author
A. Nybo has tried conventional methods (a psych degree and a GC in Forensic Mental Health) but far prefers the less conventional, such as the occasional barbecue in the rain, four-hundred-kilometer drives at 1:00 a.m. for chocolate, and multiple emergency naps in any given twenty-four-hour period.

Western Australian-born, she has been spotted on the other side of the planet several times—usually by mosquitoes. She’s also discovered Amazonian mosquitoes love her just as much as they do in her home state.