Guest Blog: Author Editing Interview with L. B. La Vigne

Today I welcome author L. B. La Vigne to the blog to talking about the editing process.

1)  Tell us a bit about you and your writing 
I write MM romance. My genres range from contemporary romance, to urban fantasy, to paranormal romance. My novellas and first novel were self-published, while my most recent two novels were published by Deep Desires Press.

2) What do you enjoy most about the editing process?
One thing I enjoy about the editing process is seeing how far I’ve come. When I get my edits back, it’s usually months after I’ve finished writing what I think is the final book. I always enjoy going back over and rediscovering my characters, and I usually end up adding more to make the story more solid.

3) What do you find hardest about the editing process?
I tend to be very hard on myself while editing. They say that you are your biggest critic, and that’s true for me. I tend to misuse words (such as “scoff” which I recently learned is not actually a sound), or use the same word multiple times in the same paragraph.

4) What are your general thoughts on editing as part of the overall publishing process?
It’s a necessary evil; nobody’s going to write the best book the first time around. It’s really important to have a good editor, because they can help bring out the best in your work, and in your writing.

5) What are your top editing-related tips for authors?

Don’t be too hard on yourself, and view edits as constructive criticism. Also, make sure to leave time to edit since it’s a process that can take quite a while.

About the Author
L. B. La Vigne is a librarian by day, and a romance writer by night. La Vigne lives in sunny San Diego, CA, is happily married, and owns a macaw. On the weekends, La Vigne can be found baking or camping, and has several published works.