My standard rates are set out below; however, I tailor each quote based upon review of a sample chapter, as my aim is always to provide the highest level of service at the best possible price.

Standard Rates

Structural Editing $45/hour
This is where a manuscript needs major edits, including a review of the structure and pacing of the story.

Copy-Editing $30-$35/hour
Standard copy-editing focuses on content, grammar, punctuation and formatting. This is for works that require a solid review but no major structural changes.

Proofreading $30/hour
Standard proofreading checks for spelling, punctuation, grammar and formatting. This is a final review on a document that should, in all other respects, be ready for publication.

Manuscript Review Price Upon Application
If you would like an assessment of your manuscript (i.e. comments on the piece overall without actual corrections to the text) I am happy to discuss. Rates based upon the length of the manuscript.

For more information, or to request a no-obligation quote, please contact me at:
nicola @ nicolamarkusedits . com (remove the spaces)