"Having published twenty-one books to date, I can truthfully say - at last - I have found the perfect editor to work with. Ms. Markus is not only highly professional but has the additional quality of creating a working rapport with someone known for his extreme temperament." 
Robin Anderson 

"Having worked with her on several projects, I can honestly say that Nicki is great! Her attention to details is uncanny and there's no missing comma that she doesn't catch. I most definitely would work with her again."
Aimee Brissay

"Nicki has edited two novels and five short stories of mine. Where necessary, Nicki explains her reasoning for suggested changes, and her grammatical expertise is second to none. Every time I have worked with Nicki, it has been an education and a pleasure/ The turnaround time for works in progress was good too. Her knowledge of the editing do's and don'ts, across multiple genres is staggering. She made every one of my stories into the professional work I hoped it would be."
Taylin Clavelli

"Nicki has an eagle eye when it comes to revising manuscripts. She has worked on many of my stories, and I’ve come to rely on her astute editing skills to ensure that my writing goes to press polished and free of irksome errors."
Eric Gober (Reader Views Literary Award winner)

"I’ve known Nicki for a little over two years. She has edited a novel, a novella, and about five short stories, all in the m/m, gay romance genres. She was my first experience working with an editor, and let me tell you... I’m glad of it.  Her knowledge about writing is extensive, but the best part of it was that she wasn’t pushy, especially on my first experience, the novel. It was my baby and she treated it as if it was. We had discussions, back-and-forths, which helped me considerably in my learning curve."
Eddy LeFey

"I haven't met a lot of people who are as great as Nicola is at organizing her work and that of the people she works with. She's extremely efficient, she's always on time, and she's an incredible editor. Her ability to spot even the most insignificant error is astounding. It's always been a pleasure to collaborate with her on any project we worked on together and I hope we get to do that again in the future."  
Alina Popescu

"Nicki has been absolutely fantastic to work with. Not only utterly professional and friendly, but reliable - and as any writer knows, that is SO important when working within time-frames. I haven't had a single typo or error comment since hiring Nicki to work on my novels. And her suggested changes have always benefited not only my books, but my writing craft too. I highly recommend her."
Geoff Wakeling